Noeska's Delphi OpenGL Site

26-01-2009 glModel 3.3a

glModel can now also load basic directx meshes.

19-01-2009 glModel v3.2a

WaveFront obj files can now be saved also. Check the latest version (3.2a) in the svn.

19-01-2009 SVN Repository for glModel

glModel is under version control (again). Have a look at the project site for the public svn access details.

18-01-2009 gl3ds is now named glModel

gl3ds recieved a new name: glModel . I was not happy with the name for a long time as besides 3ds files it also reads and writes milkhsape ascii files. With release 3.0 it recieved a mechanism like timage allowing even more formats. E.g. now it also reads .obj files. So now it is glModel.

04-01-2009 gl3ds v3.1 alpha released

A new year and a new release for gl3ds. New is support for the wavefront .obj fileformat.

30-03-2008 gl3ds v3.0 alpha released

Finally a new release of gl3ds. This is a total rewrite. It is now open for multiple fileformat and rendertargets. So i may rename the project in the future.

16-06-2006 cvs back online

The webpm cvs for the projects on this site is back online now at You can login with anonymous / anonymous.

12-11-2005 gl3ds bugfixed

A new version of gl3ds that supports the latest glBitmap and DGLOpenGL. It now also works easy with vcl. The only extrernal units are DGLOpenGL and glBitmap.

29-03-2005 Gl3DS Updated.

The gl3ds project is updated. Some various buxfixes were made to it. For instance meshes with no material assigned to them work. New is opacity maps.

02-08-2004 Bumpmapping support with gl3ds

Gl3ds is now at version 2.5. Now it supports bumpmapping.

25-07-2004 glgui example with editbox

An example has been uploaded for glgui. It shows what is possible with glgui. Also it features an editbox.

20-06-2004 bounding boxes per submesh for gl3ds

gl3ds now calculates bounding boxes for each submesh instead of for the whole 3ds file. Now it is possible to render a 3ds using frustum culling, allowing to only render those meshes that are visible.

15-06-2004 New version of gl3ds (v2.3a)

A new version of gl3ds has been uploaded. Now it supports two sided materials and the render order is changed from clockwise to counterclockwise. Also a new fileformat (.bin) has been added.